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How To Write, Part 3

This one comes comes from David Mamet, perhaps the most well-known living playwright.  He wrote a memo for the writing staff on the CBS show The Unit, where he was an executive producer, reminding everyone what makes for good drama. … Continue reading

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Thanks, for Modernity

On April 14, 1851, Dora Dickens, the ninth child of Charles Dickens, died unexpectedly.  The next morning, Charles wrote to his wife, who was away recuperating from her own illness.  Dickens softens the blow, telling his wife not that she … Continue reading

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Sustained Charity

Most people think of charity is something to be done weekly, monthly, or yearly.  A tithe, or a purged closet to Goodwill, or serving Thanksgiving meals to the homeless. But charity can be practiced on a more immediate, more constant … Continue reading

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Shut Up

Michael Bloomberg shares some excellent advice: Always ask for the order, and second, when the customer says yes, stop talking.  I have watched more people make great presentations, whether they’re trying to sell to their family or in business or … Continue reading

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How To Write A “Fuck You” Letter

You can’t do much better than this, reproduced by the fantastic site, Letters of Note: In August of 1865, a Colonel P.H. Anderson of Big Spring, Tennessee, wrote to his former slave, Jourdan Anderson, and requested that he come back to work … Continue reading

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How To Meet Your Heroes and Win Mentors

Have you noticed that little kids can do just about anything they want?  There’s a mountain of stories about young kids getting an audience with some business or government leader simply because they wrote a letter.  Successful people, and people … Continue reading

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How To Tell A Story People Can’t Turn Away From

Great video from Ira Glass about how to turn even the most mundane story into something compelling:

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Don’t Take This The Wrong Way…

Once, when I was very small, I was walking through the airport with my grandfather when a man began running towards us.  When he finally reached us, a bit out of breath, he extended his hand and thanked my grandfather … Continue reading

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Advertising Works On You

Advertising makes you buy things.  It makes you like things.  It can even makes you remember things.  Things that never actually happened to you: It turns out that vivid commercials are incredibly good at tricking the hippocampus (a center of … Continue reading

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