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Language and Rationality

Thinking in a different language may lead to more rational decisions: Keysar’s team recruited 54 University of Chicago students who spoke Spanish as a second language. Each received $15 in $1 bills, each of which could be kept or bet … Continue reading

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The Problem With “No Problem”

“No problem” is almost universal in service industries today. “Can I get a refill?” “No problem.” “Could you transfer this money from my checking account to my savings account?” “No problem.” “Thanks.”  “No problem.” It may seem innocuous, but it … Continue reading

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The Joy of Swearing

It’s not necessary.  As if that should stop one from doing it.  It’s not necessary to have colored socks.  Things not being necessary is what makes life interesting.  Little extras in life. Stephen Fry Great thoughts from Stephen Fry on … Continue reading

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How To Meet Your Heroes and Win Mentors

Have you noticed that little kids can do just about anything they want?  There’s a mountain of stories about young kids getting an audience with some business or government leader simply because they wrote a letter.  Successful people, and people … Continue reading

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Outside the Quotes

For years, kids in America were taught that punctuation marks go inside the quotation mark, regardless of whether you’re actually quoting the punctuation. “Why?” I have no clue.  Rosemary Feal, the queen over at the Modern Language Association (MLA) claims … Continue reading

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