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The Hacker Way

As part of Facebook’s S-1 filing today, Mark Zuckerberg wrote a letter to shareholders.  In it, he outlines the culture and process that helped make Facebook’s phenomenal success possible.  If you notice your way of doing business, or creating art, … Continue reading

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Why You Don’t Really Believe In Yourself

“You just have to believe in yourself.” We hear this all the time.  Professional athletes toss off this one-liner so frequently we hear it without even thinking about it anymore.  Of course you have to believe in yourself.  I believe … Continue reading

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That’s Not Fair

What revolves around the Earth? “Henri looked down in concentration as the answer choices were read aloud: (A) The moon, (B) The sun, (C) Mars, (D) Venus.  Henri reread the question out loud and mulled the choices over in his … Continue reading

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Outside the Quotes

For years, kids in America were taught that punctuation marks go inside the quotation mark, regardless of whether you’re actually quoting the punctuation. “Why?” I have no clue.  Rosemary Feal, the queen over at the Modern Language Association (MLA) claims … Continue reading

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