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Problem Solving In The Real World

From about 5 years old to somewhere between 18 and 30 years old, we’re asked to solve problems in some specific way in order to demonstrate we understand what the professor was paid to teach us.  You’re allowed to use … Continue reading

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Solve The Right Problem

In 1959, long before the X-prize, Henry Kremer offered 50,000 pounds to anyone who could finally build a flying machine powered only by the pilot’s body power.  All an entrant had to do was fly in a figure eight around … Continue reading

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Avert Disaster: Use Checklists

Van Halen epitomized 80’s bands.  They were loud, fast, and big.  Their hair was big, their sound was big, their fans were big, and their shows were big.  Really big.  So big, that their contract rider spanned a dozen pages, … Continue reading

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“I Have a Problem”

Problems are generally thought of as bad things.  And, for the people afflicted with those problems, they undoubtedly are. But problems are what drive the service industry.  People’s problems managing or finding time create opportunities for personal assistants, shoppers, organizers, … Continue reading

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