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On Handling Critics

Anyone who produces art, or voices opinions, or does anything publicly, will have critics.  Guaranteed. I wrote a post about frugality that got a tiny bit of attention on the web and was bombarded with insults.  Did I care?  Well, … Continue reading

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Meaningless Impressions

It’s a story about us, people, being persuaded to spend money we don’t have on things we don’t need to create impressions that won’t last on people we don’t care about. – Peter Jackson, at TEDGlobal 2010 It started with … Continue reading

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Your Midsize Ego Will Ruin You

Ego can be a very good thing.  But we’ve all seen, or been, the guy with no ego who seems to constantly get stuck in the friend-zone.  We’ve also witnessed the the downfall of many a politician, done in by … Continue reading

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Ego Is Good

From Seth Godin’s Poke The Box: Somewhere along the way, ego became a nasty word.  It’s not. When our name is on a project, our ego pushes us over the hump and drives us to do even better work.  Ego … Continue reading

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