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Creating An Ownership Experience

Apple stores are a paradox.  People love them, even though the service is awful.  Yes, the service is better than Best Buy and other big retailers, but it’s still awful.  So why are Apple stores far and away the highest … Continue reading

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Invite, Don’t Sell

Windows and Orbitz provide totally open experiences: you can have whatever you like, anything is possible, but you’re going to have to work for it. Apple and Abercrombie & Kent chose a different direction: both provide totally tailored, curated experiences.  … Continue reading

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Most of Your Work Sucks

In the ten or so years I’ve been shooting photos, I cannot tell you how many I’ve taken.  Not because the number is so staggeringly large (it’s probably under 100,000) but because I’ve deleted so many I have no way … Continue reading

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