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Creativity Is Not A Talent; It’s A Way Of Operating

John Cleese manages to explain about 90 different topics I’ve written about in a 13 minute span.  Below is a really, really excellent speech on fostering creativity, becoming more effective, managing time, and much more.  The short version is excellent, … Continue reading

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Sleep on Concrete

Something Sebastian Marshall said to me a long while back has really stuck with me: sleep on concrete. Anyone who has travelled a lot has literally done this at least once.  Baggage handlers go on strike and the airport shuts … Continue reading

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Most Of Your Stuff Is Worthless

I’ve written about the benefits of eliminating clutter before.  I’ve made a conscious effort to only buy stuff I actually need and am going to use.  I’ve gone through several rounds of getting rid of stuff I own.  That said, … Continue reading

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How Could Anyone Live Here?

If you’ve traveled at all, even if it’s just a few miles from your home, you’ve undoubtedly run across places that you can’t imagine living.  Desolate or teeming, scorching or freezing, swamp-like or bone-dry, gaudy or spartan, run down, dilapidated … Continue reading

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