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Gift Giving

The measure of a good gift is in its appropriateness, not its cost. The corollary to this is if you receive an expensive gift from a wealthier friend, you’re not obligated to give him something of equal value in return.  You’re only … Continue reading

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It Will Be There Later

A quick tip on preventing procrastination: Whatever it is you want to do, whether it’s check email or facebook, or read the news, or play a game, or whatever, recognize that it will be there later.  The news will always … Continue reading

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Three Tips To Help Convince People You’re Not A Serial Killer

We deal with a lot of higher level stuff here, like strategy and philosophy, but I want to bring it down for a post to offer some very practical, easy to implement, and essential life tips. Today, I want to … Continue reading

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You Too Can Retire In Your Early 30’s

There seem to be a growing number of personal finance blogs touting super early retirement (ie after around 10 years of working).  These guys are “living the dream” after “jumping off the debt-powered treadmill” and they’re preaching that you too, … Continue reading

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