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Why We Lie

Nearly everybody lies and cheats.  For most of us, we lie and cheat about the small things, the stuff that we convince ourselves doesn’t really matter.  But, because everyone does this, the toll adds up quickly.  Whether it’s glancing at … Continue reading

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On Cheating

People become more likely to lie or cheat when they see others lie or cheat, explains Dan Ariely: …we gave participants 5 minutes to solve as many mathematical problems as possible (where they were instructed to find which two numbers … Continue reading

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It’s The People Who Realize “I Don’t Know Anything” Who Succeed

In every good piece of legal writing, there is a narrative.  It’s a plain, easily digestible story that the writer wants you to follow.  It cuts through jargon and pomp and circumstance and clues the judge in to what the … Continue reading

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The Small Change in Perception That Can Change Your Life

Who has a higher tolerance for pain: those who experience an acute injury, lots of pain at one time, or those who constantly suffer from pain?  The answer is counter-intuitive, and the potential reason is fascinating. Dan Ariely has found … Continue reading

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