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The Tim Ferriss Falacy

We’re now deep into the fourth generation of the self-help guru.  This generation shares much with its predecessors, including fondness for the shortcut.  People like Tim Ferriss have  made their name on finding and exploiting these shortcuts, or “hacks” as … Continue reading

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There Are No Shortcuts

If you searched for diet books right now on amazon, how many results do you think you’d get?  Diet books are pretty popular, remember.  Definitely more than a couple hundred, right?  I would have guessed a couple thousand.  I would … Continue reading

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If You’re Gonna Cheat, Cheat

Some particularly limiting diets build in a “cheat day”.  One day a week of utter gluttony where you can shove any and every substance you want into your face.  What kind of diet would do that?  Well, if you’re on … Continue reading

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