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Lazy, Weak and Dumb

People overwhelmingly think they’re smarter, stronger, more industrious and better looking than they really are.  To some extent, this is healthy.  If most of us realized how ugly and dumb we really were, we’d have trouble leaving the house, landing … Continue reading

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Make Life Easier By Not Deciding

When starting something, whether it’s an exercise routine or a new sleep schedule, or quitting something, like cigarettes or whiskey, conventional wisdom says to do it slowly.  Cut back, or build up, gradually.  Eat 100 less calories each day, or … Continue reading

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How To Set A Goal

Most people set horrible goals. Because of this, they never even get close to reaching them. “Lose 10 pounds.” “Earn $100,000 next year.” “Spend more time with my family.” If you set goals like this, you have a 0% chance … Continue reading

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