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Filling In The White Spaces

Advice from Peter Thiel’s final CS 183 lecture: There is something importantly singular about each new thing. There is a mini singularity whenever you start a company or make a key life decision. In a very real sense, the life … Continue reading

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Make Life Easier By Not Deciding

When starting something, whether it’s an exercise routine or a new sleep schedule, or quitting something, like cigarettes or whiskey, conventional wisdom says to do it slowly.  Cut back, or build up, gradually.  Eat 100 less calories each day, or … Continue reading

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Poke The Box

Not only do I think Seth Godin’s new manifesto, Poke The Box, is worth reading, I think there’s some ideas in it that are so important I’m putting them down here so I don’t forget them.  The book is only … Continue reading

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