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On Anti-Intellectualism and Examining Both Sides

Since Al Gore made his premature concession to George Bush in November of 2000, there has been a steadily growing cry that a good half of the United States is comprised of anti-intellectual buffoons.   How else could the right simultaneously … Continue reading

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The Trouble With Expertise In Complex Fields

Fresh out of law school, it’s easy to forget that, compared to the general population, you are already something of an expert.  You have the tools to search for, read, and understand just what the hell that legalese actually means.  … Continue reading

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Spend any time with a 7 year old and you’ll enjoy a never ending series of whys and hows.  Why does that happen? How does that work?  Why can’t we do this?  How can that be? But somewhere around 13 … Continue reading

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Should I Go To Medical School?

A lot of bright young people consider going into medicine.  Like any profession, it has its downsides, but, at least to me, it was pretty obvious that those downsides were much bigger than in many other fields.  But, not having … Continue reading

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I Don’t Know

My friend Richard Feynman said, “I don’t know.” I heard him say it several times. He said it just like Harold, the mentally handicapped dishwasher I worked with when I was a young man making minimum wage at Famous Bill’s … Continue reading

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